DIY Files: Is It Day 4 Already?

Where we are…

Day 4: August 3, 2022

Today’s thoughts:

  1. Sometimes it feels like we are spinning our wheels, not getting anywhere, and all plans for miraculous home improvement are just that, plans. This is also much like life.
  2. Harold not only likes Home Depot—he also loves Pets Mart! He got a giant tennis ball and a bully and he was very, very happy. Also, we stole hibiscus flowers from the now defunct SoupPlantation for Ferdinanda the Desert Tortoise. Lesson: keep pets happy. Happy animals=happy life.
  3. Project paint is proceeding. My mother once said, “If it get’s all over the place, it’s paint” which was referencing a commercial in the 90‘s and her own unfortunate experiences with a ladder a giant paint can that fell. Very true statement regarding paint.
  4. Regarding paint, we actually brought in a terra cotta pot and succulent part to pick the paint colors. The thinking here: before painting an entire house, just paint a small part…like the side yard.
  5. The time of this vacation is so fast. We had a conversation with our neighbor Jennifer today about this, and she said if she won the lottery what she would want is just more time to do all she does. Jennifer is 100% right: we all need more time, and we are so thankful for this time we have.

Plan for tomorrow: prep windows and structure, which means hauling wood, but wood=better than concrete. Here are the windows, ready to go!

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