DIY Files: Day Three

Day 3: August 2, 2022

Lessons from Today:

  1. Harold likes Home Depot. He really, really likes Home Depot. We would prefer to use another store, but our area offers only Ace and Home Depot, and we need supplies. Did I mention that Harold likes Home Depot? He did not pee on anything or assault anyone, although he was thinking about a pee crime—I saw it.
  2. Concrete is very heavy and should have a 25 pound bag option (for us oldsters).
  3. Lead paint sucks, but primer is a good thing.
  4. We did our level best to level the posts, and a crow was yelling at us the whole time—I thought it was Jim come to say “The fuck you think you’re doing? No, not like that, moron!”
  5. Projects like this look much worse before they look better. Robert keeps telling me we are getting to the fun part, but I ask, is hauling concrete fun? Or digging holes in sandstone?

Ah, well, tomorrow is another day.

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