DIY Files Continuing: I’m Not Sure Where We Are Going, But I Think We Are On Our Way

Days:  7 & 8, August (I have lost track of the days…maybe the 8th day of work? or the 7th? And the 8th day of the month? Which makes the days on the last entry wrong, which is how you know you are on a trip.)

New Observations:

  1. Dragonfly: When we were working on the door with the mirrors, a giant orange dragonfly came by to say hello. He or she seemed to think we had a pond there, and we used to, and we will again, and I tried to explain this to the dragonfly, but I don’t speak that language.
  2. Harold went to Home Depot, again, and thjs time he randomly nose punched some guy in the ass and then attacked a small child. Sigh. I mean, the Mom asked if her child could say “hi” and we said maybe, but Harold is afraid of children. There was an incident last Halloween when we were taking a night walk and encountered a small child trick-or-treating with her father, and then she screamed, and then Harold barked, and then it was pretty much the Home Alone poster. Sigh. Harold did not actually hurt the cute little girl today (as far as we know), unlike the time he broke the older woman’s glasses, but he really needs to learn to be more propriate (as is, “Are you being inappropriate, Harold?” to which he replies, “No, this is totally propriate.” It’s like Being Haved, and always a challenge for H.
Harold in the Depot
  1. Make whatever you are making as close to right as you can, and if it isn’t, do it again because it will drive you nuts. Nothing in this house is level, square, or plumb, but if you follow those lines it will look crooked. Trust me: we could open the Mystery Spot with bottles rolling uphill in our laundry shack. That said, illusions matter, so make it look right, but if you are thinking of this as a life lesson, then illusions are, well, illusions, and it is better to make sure everything is square and plumb and level as it can ever be.
  2. This construction in the heat is hard work! I am a wimp, and I have no idea how people like the guys down the street jackhammer out a garage and rebuild it in two days, or how people pick the food we eat. I am so appreciative of those who work physically with their bodies because I am so f-ing tired right now.
  3. It’s a trip just seeing this space develop. It has weird Mendo/Nor Cal vibes already, and some sort of church Hallelujah feeling, and I can’t wait to see what it will turn into or what it will mean for our lives. I hope it will be a space we use and treasure, but one thing I can tell you for certain: it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Robert likes screws and reinforcements and more screws—it’s like my father likes tape: the more the better, so this space is locked down and sturdy. Many things will happen in the future, but the things Robert builds will stand if by the sheer number of screws alone.
So far
SO good

Please excuse the number SNAFU because I can’t get this to let me re-number to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Computers…

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  1. Lollie Ragana says:

    Looks lovely! Poor Harold with the kid in HD… XO


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