My Funny Valentine

DSCN7683My funny Valentine


Sweet comic Valentine


You make me smile with my heart


Your looks are laughable




Yet you’re my favorite work of art


Is your figure less than Greek?


Is your mouth a little weak?


When you open it to speak?


Are you smart?


But don’t change a hair for me


Not if you care for me


Stay little Valentine, stay

DSCN8777 (1)

Each day is Valentine’s Day


And now for the nicknames:

Joey, Joey, Joey Joe;Joe Man; Joe Bean; Sun Bean:


Couch Possum;Lil’ Fucker; Fingermeats; Weasel Bat; the Biter (Aussie accent=bite-ah) :ART_498792_Joey

Little Guy/Little Man/Squirt/Little Big Man/Little Chi Man/Joe Man

DSCN8323Fruit Bat; Wombat; The weasel: Marmot (nice);Trash Panda;Meerkat


The Taco dog (concerned about sounding racist but also 100% behind immigrants everywhere) , The Tea Kettle,  The Snuggler,  The Pee dog, Big Dick Joe: (also , Silly Putty Bones): ART_498765_Joey


DSCN8401ART_498772_JoeyIMG_0221IMG_7147We failed at fostering Joey in 2017, thankfully. Joey was the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of dogs: health problems, extreme dental problems, separation anxiety, stalker dog, a penchant for peeing on the couch, and later aggression that may have been caused by his brain tumor, but as you can see, he was a great dog. I was hesitant to adopt a senior dog, but I can tell you it was the best experience ever. The time was not as long as I wanted it to be, but it was  twice as sweet because I knew Joey would not be mine forever, and we made a difference in Joey’s life. If you help animals, thank you for your work. If you need  or want a dog, please adopt.

Special thanks to:

Lollie, for bring Joey to me!

United Hope For Animals and the folks who work at Baldwin Park, where Joey was housed and would not have survived. These folks are amazing:

Joey’s dentist, Dr. Lynn:

Joey’s Vets, Dr. Swimmer and Dr. Gill

And to Alicia, Nancy, and Jimmy for caring for Joey when I was gone.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bonnie Uffman says:

    ……. love …….


  2. Bonnie Uffman says:

    ………. love ……….


  3. R. Scott Dunbar says:

    Jenny and Bob, This is very kind and sweet tribute to Joey. Love, Mom/Jan


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